Dog Food

Hobbes laying next to his Nom Nom Dog Food

Nom Nom Dog Food Review

Nom Nom dog food is an excellent way to introduce real, human-grade ingredients into your dog’s diet. It’s sustainable, customizable, and super convenient. Learn more and get an exclusive discount in this Nom Nom review.

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Hobbes the dog testing Sundays Dog Food

Sundays Dog Food Review: Healthy, Air-Dried Food for Dogs

Sundays Food For Dogs combines the quality of human-grade dog food with the convenience of dry kibble. We think it’s an excellent option for pet parents who want shelf-stable dog food without all of the meat meals and synthetic ingredients you’d find in store-bought kibble. Watch us unbox it below.

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Compare Nom Nom dog food vs Farmer's Dog

Nom Nom vs The Farmer’s Dog: Which Food Service Is Best?

Both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog deliver quality, human-grade food to your door, but they differ in a few key areas. Nom Nom is better for portioning, snacks and supplements, and frequent shipping. The Farmer’s Dog is better for price, sustainability, and labeling for multiple dogs. Learn more and get a discount below.

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NomNomNow Cost

How Much Does Nom Nom Dog Food Cost?

The cost of Nom Nom dog food starts at less than $3 per day. Your costs will vary, however, as they are dependent upon the size of your dog and the meal plan you choose. So if you have a large pup, expect to pay more. Keep reading for more details.

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Nom Nom vs Ollie side-by-side comparison

Nom Nom vs Ollie Dog Food: Which Delivery Service Is Best?

Both Ollie and Nom Nom deliver high-quality dog food, yet they have their subtle differences. Ollie is potentially more affordable while Nom Nom has more products to offer and more flexibility in shipping and meal rotation. Keep reading to learn where each service stands out.

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Spot and Tango's fresh ingredients on a cutting board

How Much Does Spot and Tango Cost?

Spot and Tango’s Fresh dog food costs as little as $2/day, and UnKibble plans start at just $1/day. However, virtually all dog owners will pay much more. Keep reading for a full price breakdown.

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How much does Just Food For Dogs cost

Just Food For Dogs Prices

Just Food For Dogs prices start at less than $2 a day for small breeds. Prices vary upon the recipes you choose and the quantity of food your dog needs. Prices also vary between FreshFrozen and PantryFresh meals. Keep reading for more cost information.

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Photo of a dog in a kitchen with A Pup Above dog food

A Pup Above Dog Food Review (Formerly Grocery Pup)

A Pup Above delivers human-grade fresh dog food, so your pup can eat as good as you do without any extra hassle. We test the service to see how good it really is in this A Pup Above review. Get$50 off your first subscription order with code TRYNOW.

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Hobbes laying next to his Nom Nom Dog Food

NomNomNow Reviews

Nom Nom dog food or cat food is an excellent way to introduce real, human-grade ingredients into your pet’s diet. It’s sustainable, customizable, and super convenient. Pricing is based on pet size, so smaller pets will get the best deal.

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A sick dog because of a Purina dog food recall

Purina Recall History: Dog & Cat Food Recalls

Purina is a large-scale producer of an array of pet food lines for dogs, cats, and other animals. But such a large manufacturing process is prone to contamination. Continue reading to learn about which Purina pet food lines have been recently recalled.

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A bowl containing Nom Nom Now dog food vs Spot and Tango dog food

Spot and Tango vs Nom Nom Now: Which Dog Food Service Is Better?

Both Nom Nom and Spot and Tango do a good job delivering high-quality, fresh dog food to your door, but there are a few differences. Spot and Tango offers UnKibble, a fresh dry food alternative unlike most kibbles on the market. But Nom Nom’s fresh food is a little bit cheaper, and it also offers other products like cat food and probiotic supplements. Keep reading for discount information.

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Spot and Tango vs The Farmer's Dog Food Comparison

Spot and Tango vs Farmer’s Dog: Which Food Is Better?

When comparing Spot and Tango vs Farmers Dog, each brand stands out in different areas. The Farmer’s Dog may be cheaper, offers more meal choices, flexible shipping, and rush orders. Spot and Tango offers a higher protein content in most recipes, treats, and a dry kibble alternative. Keep reading for discount links and more details.

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How Much Does Pet Plate Cost?

How Much Does Pet Plate Cost?

Pet Plate costs between $2.50–$10 a day. However, your price will depend on your dog’s breed, size, weight and activity level. Keep reading for a more in-depth look into how much Pet Plate costs.

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Open Farm Dog Food Price

Open Farm’s gently cooked fresh dog food prices start at less than $4 per day. Their kibble prices are much lower. Your cost will vary widely depending on the product and the size of your dog. Keep reading for more details.

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Max reviewing his Farmer's Dog food

The Farmer’s Dog Review: Fresh Food Delivered to Your Bowl

The Farmer’s Dog is a popular human-grade dog food delivery service that will give your pup the real ingredients they need to live a long, healthy life. This Farmer’s Dog review will dig into the product and services offered, so you can decide if it’s good enough for your pup.

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Our dog, Max, wondering how much Farmers Dog food costs

How Much Does The Farmer’s Dog Food Cost?

The Farmer’s Dog pricing begins at $2 a day, but your cost will vary based on how much your dog eats and the recipes you choose. If you have a large dog, expect your price to be much higher. Keep reading for more details.

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A dog patiently waits for his Spot & Tango dog food

Spot and Tango Dog Food Review

Spot & Tango’s dog food is top-notch, but it comes with a higher price tag depending on which recipes you choose. Keep reading to see what it does right and which other options to consider.

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image of a German Shepherd puppy next to an adult dog

What’s the Difference Between Puppy and Adult Dog Food?

Growing puppies have different nutritional requirements than adult dogs, and puppy food reflects these needs. Eating adult food won’t hurt a puppy in the short term, but they need a nutritionally appropriate diet to develop a healthy brain and body and to live a healthy life.

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Feeding our dog Raised Right Dog Food's pork recipe

Raised Right Dog Food Review

Raised Right makes human-grade dog food with fewer carbs and roughly double the amount of protein as most other fresh pet food brands. However, it comes at a cost. Keep reading to learn more.

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A sad dog after a Just Food For Dogs Recall

Just Food For Dogs Recall

Just Food For Dogs is a fresh dog food made with human-grade meats and produce, so your dog gains maximum nutrition in every bite. However, food supply chains come with some contamination risks. See the Just Food For Dogs recall history below.

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Hobbes the Dog sitting next to Chippin Dog Food and treats

Chippin Dog Food Review: Planet-Friendly Food & Treats

Chippin makes food that’s good for both dogs and the planet. Their use of novel proteins and high-quality ingredients allows your pup to cut down on their carbon pawprint while still getting the nutrition they need. Watch us unbox and review it in this Chippin dog food review.

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Four dogs sitting in a row waiting to eat Hungry Bark dog food

Hungry Bark Dog Food Review

Hungry Bark produces better kibble than some of the most popular cheap store brands, and your dog will probably like it. However, there are other similarly priced options that may offer more nutrition. Learn more below.

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A picture of Just Food For Dogs food next to The Farmer's Dog food

Just Food for Dogs vs Farmer’s Dog: Which Service Is Better?

We tested and compared Just Food for Dogs vs Farmer’s Dog to find out which is better. The Farmer’s Dog is better if you have multiple dogs, want to mix multiple recipes in one order, or need a meal topper plan. Just Food for Dogs is better if you are seeking a variety of meal choices, need a specialized diet or novel protein, or want supplements.

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Just Food For Dogs Review

Just Food For Dogs has extensive, evidence-based research supporting that their meals are beneficial for long-term feeding and the healthy functioning of a dog’s immune system, and they offer a variety of food options to suit your pet. Learn more and see discounts below.

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Ollie dog food recalls

Ollie Dog Food Recalls

Ollie dog food delivers fresh, human-grade ingredients to your door every other week. Food is pre-cooked and frozen to ensure freshness, but it is more perishable than traditional processed kibble. Learn about the history of Ollie dog food recalls below.

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How Much Is Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie’s prices start at less than $2 per day. However, your costs will vary based on the size of your dog and the meal plan you choose, so owners of big dogs should expect to pay more. Keep reading to learn more.

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Best Dog Food for Tear Stains

Best Dog Food for Tear Stains: 2021 Picks

Tear stains are caused in part by chemicals and allergens in your dog’s food. The best dog food for tear stains will have a limited number of all-natural ingredients with no fillers or artificial preservatives. See our picks below.

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