How to Cancel The Farmer’s Dog Subscription

The Farmer’s Dog makes it easy to try out their meals risk-free by offering a refund or free cancelation. You can cancel your subscription in your customer account.

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Do you love the idea of feeding fresh, healthy food to your dog, but you’re concerned about The Farmer’s Dog cancellation policy before you commit? Being aware of the terms of service is a smart idea. We’ll discuss what to do if your dog doesn’t like The Farmer’s dog or you want to cancel your subscription.

The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog

  • Fresh, human-grade dog food
  • Automatic shipping, so you never have too much or too little; cancel any time
  • The Dog Tale readers get 60% off their first delivery

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What if my dog doesn’t like The Farmer’s Dog?

The Farmer’s Dog wants your dog to love their food! So, in the rare event that your dog isn’t a fan, you can request to try another recipe or you can opt for a refund with the agreement that the unused food be donated to a local shelter.

Whichever you choose, you can reach out to a helpful customer service representative at [email protected].

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How do I cancel my Farmer’s Dog subscription?

If you change your mind about The Farmer’s Dog, don’t worry. You’re not locked in. The Farmer’s Dog allows you to pause, cancel, or reactivate your subscription at any time—free of charge—as long as your current order has not already been processed. 

In the event that your order has already been processed, you will receive the next scheduled delivery and be charged the stated amount for that month. Changes you make to your subscription before your next scheduled delivery is processed will take place immediately. You can manage these preferences in your customer account.

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Our unbiased opinion of The Farmer’s Dog

We’re big fans of The Farmer’s Dog! We’ve taken a close look at its ingredients, nutritional profiles, and options offered, and we even fed it to our own dog, Max. You can watch us unbox it and read our in-depth analysis of the food in our The Farmer’s Dog review.

The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog

  • Fresh, human-grade dog food
  • Automatic shipping, so you never have too much or too little; cancel any time
  • The Dog Tale readers get 60% off their first delivery

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Other options we recommend

If you want to feed your pet high-quality dog food, but you’re not sold on The Farmer’s Dog, we have a few alternatives to check out.

Our top recommendation would be Nom Nom Now. Like The Farmer’s Dog, Nom Nom makes fresh, human-grade dog food. But it also offers gut health products, such as probiotics for dogs and cats as well as a microbiome testing kit, so you can diagnose your pet’s gut health issues. Learn more in our Nom Nom Dog Food review or our comparison of Nom Nom vs. Farmer’s Dog.

Ollie is another top competitor in the world of fresh dog food. We love that Ollie utilizes organ meat to draw more nutrients from their natural source. Learn more in our Ollie Dog Food review or our comparison of The Farmer’s Dog vs Ollie.

We like Raised Right not just because it’s a family-owned business, but because they pack a ton of protein into their human-grade dog food. It also has limited-ingredient, stage-of-life-specific recipes, so it could be a good option if your dog is aging or has dietary restrictions. Learn more in our Raised Right Dog Food review.

If you’re canceling The Farmer’s Dog because you want to switch to dry dog food, but you still want to give your pup a high-quality diet, then we have three recommendations:

Chippin’s mission is to be the most planet-friendly dog food. But we love that it also offers kibble made with a fish not used in most recipes, so it could be a good option for dogs with allergies to more common proteins. Chippin also offers tons of unique treats. See our Chippin Dog Food review for more info. 

Two other dry food options we love are Sundays and Spot & Tango. Sundays offers air-dried dog food made with human-grade ingredients and no fillers or artificial ingredients. This means it’s like a dry food alternative to The Farmer’s Dog. Learn more in our Sundays Dog Food review.

Spot and Tango offers both fresh, human-grade food and a dry food alternative called UnKibble. UnKibble offers high-quality ingredients in an airy, crunchy texture our dog loved. Read about it in our Spot and Tango Dog Food review.

Last but not least, We Feed Raw is just like The Farmer’s Dog or Nom Nom, but it’s a completely raw diet. This is perfect for pet parents who want to keep their dog on a nutritious raw diet, but who don’t want to deal with the mess or hassle of making it themself. You can learn more about it in our We Feed Raw Dog Food review.

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