About Us

When we first set out to launch this project, we realized that each of our dogs were at very different stages in their lives. One is a tiny Yorkie puppy, weighing in at one pound, nervous, and curious about this big new world. The other is an old boy—a 90-pound Lab-Retriever mix—who, at 12-years-old, has slowed down a good bit, even though he still thinks he’s a pup.

In fact, we’ve had seven dogs between us, dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. Each of their lives was a tale to tell—a combination of the places they came from, the humans they loved, and all the spots they like to sniff (a lot).

Some of their stories were long. Some only lasted a short time. But they each brought joy to our lives in ways as unique as their own needs, shapes, and sizes. This site is about helping you to help your dog do the same.

Our mission

To provide you with the highest quality resources, answers, and items you need to help your pup live a long, healthy, happy life. May your fetches be many, your barks constantly curious, and may you never stop chasing your tale.

Who we are

Spanning from Los Angeles to New York City, our team of writers, designers, and entrepreneurs live with dogs in all sorts of places, sharing the joy and wisdom that comes from a life with man’s best friend. Our aim is to share some of that knowledge and passion with you, and we hope you’ll share some of your own with us!

Kerri Caughill

Kerri focuses on operations, making things efficient, and finding all-natural dog products that are safe for your pup. When she’s not inside with Max and a MacBook vying for position on her lap, she’s outside enjoying the sunshine with a furry companion.

Meghan Caughill

Meghan is a designer and illustrator by trade and a devout dog lover by heart. When she’s not asking strangers if she can pet their dogs, she’s reading up the quirks of different breeds—then asking if she can have one.

Good Boy In Training

Max is the youngest member of the crew but throws himself into his work with the energy of a small hurricane. When he’s not focused on chewing technique or zoomies, he is working on community outreach and figuring out where the treats are hidden

Senior Good Boy

Tucker is the resident expert on sitting, giving paw, catching treats, and balancing things on his nose. He loves belly rubs and will cry if you stop them. He is also a master of persuasion and uses this skill to acquire table food and long walks from his humans. 

How we create content

Each piece of content on our site is produced by professional writers and editors to ensure the utmost level of quality and accuracy. We conduct thorough research of publicly available information and, whenever possible, through hands-on testing. We also seek to incorporate sound advice from real veterinarians and trusted medical resources where appropriate. We adhere to strict editorial integrity and never recommend products or care that we wouldn’t use on our own pets—even if it would benefit our business to do so. If you ever have a concern about something you see on our site, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The information on TheDogTale.com is not intended to be a substitute for veterinary advice. If you believe your pet is sick or you have any other concerns, please consult your local veterinary emergency services immediately.

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