Dog Gear

Yorkie Playpen

Best Yorkie Playpen

The best Yorkie playpens easily collapse and are lightweight for transportation and use while camping or staying at a friend’s home. Keep reading to see our top picks.

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Max the Yorkie with his favorite dog toys

Best Dog Toys for Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers need toys that can satisfy their instinctual desire to hunt and chase small prey. In this guide, you’ll find Yorkie toys that will intrigue your pup while providing exercise and mental stimulation.

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Yorkie wearing a cold-weather dog harness

6 Best Yorkie Harnesses

Harnesses come in a variety of styles and with various handy features. The best dog harness for your Yorkie will meet your needs, be comfortable, cleanable, and be correctly sized to fit this small breed. Keep reading to learn about some of the best Yorkie harnesses.

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Learn about the best dog collars for Yorkies

Best Yorkie Collars

Yorkie dog collars can come with a variety of features. A good Yorkie collar will fit correctly, be lightweight, durable, and able to hold ID tags. Keep reading to learn about which collar is right for your pup.

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