Kerri Caughill, pet nutrition researcher

Kerri Caughill

Kerri is a pet writer who reviews healthy, natural dog products. When she’s not inside with Max testing dog food or new pet gear, she’s outside enjoying the Florida sunshine.

A picture of Maev dog food on the left and The Farmer's Dog on the right

Maev vs Farmer’s Dog

Our testing and analysis show that Maev beats The Farmer’s Dog in customizability and meal formulation, and it is cheaper for small and medium dog sizes. But The Farmer’s Dog offers a wider range of protein choices and better ingredient sourcing, and its prices are favorable for large breeds. See exclusive discounts and additional details below.

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Me holding a scoop of Maev Dog Food

How Much Does Maev Dog Food Cost?

Maev dog food prices depend on how many bags you order at once, the recipes you choose, and whether you purchase one of their special bundles that target specific health goals. We’ll break down the prices we received in this guide.

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A picture of Nom Nom Now dog food next to Just Food For Dogs

Nom Nom vs Just Food For Dogs

Both Nom Nom and Just Food For Dogs deliver top-notch, fresh dog food; their differences are in the finer details. Just Food For Dogs may have more variety of meals and other products, but Nom Nom is more flexible in mixing meals and digestive research. Learn more below.

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A picture of Just Food For Dogs food next to The Farmer's Dog food

Just Food for Dogs vs Farmer’s Dog: Which Service Is Better?

We tested and compared Just Food for Dogs vs Farmer’s Dog to find out which is better. The Farmer’s Dog is better if you have multiple dogs, want to mix multiple recipes in one order, or need a meal topper plan. Just Food for Dogs is better if you are seeking a variety of meal choices, need a specialized diet or novel protein, or want supplements.

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Compare Nom Nom dog food vs Farmer's Dog

Nom Nom vs The Farmer’s Dog: Which Food Service Is Best?

Both Nom Nom and The Farmer’s Dog deliver premium quality dog food to your door, but they differ in a few key areas. Nom Nom is better for portioning, snacks and supplements, and frequent shipping. The Farmer’s Dog is better for price, sustainability, and labeling for multiple dogs. Learn more and get a discount below.

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