Max reviewing his Farmer's Dog food

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We've personally tested The Farmer's Dog with our pup Max, and he loved it so much, we've secured an exclusive 60% off promo for our readers. Just click the link below to save.

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The Farmer's Dog

The Farmer's Dog

  • Fresh, human-grade dog food
  • Automatic shipping, so you never have too much or too little; cancel any time
  • The Dog Tale readers get 60% off their first delivery

The Farmer’s Dog delivers fresh, human-grade dog food to your door on a regular basis, so your dog can benefit from the best possible nutrition without any extra work from you.

A nutritious diet is a critical part of your dog’s holistic health. By consuming whole meats, healthy veggies, and none of the fillers and artificial preservatives found in kibble, your dog’s body will be better equipped to fight off preventable diseases, gut health issues, joint deterioration, itchy skin, and a host of other problems that stem from a poor diet.

Nutritious, whole foods don’t come cheap, but they could literally add years to your dog’s life. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Farmer’s Dog to offer The Dog Tale readers an exclusive 60% discount off their first purchase. Just click the button below to automatically add the referral code to your shopping cart.

The Farmer’s Dog will ask you a few brief questions about your dog to calculate the precise portion amounts and recipes your dog needs. Then you’ll be able to see what your monthly price would be after the promo voucher expires—all without committing to a purchase.

If you want to learn more about the brand, check out our full The Farmer’s Dog Food review or our comparison of The Farmer’s Dog vs Nom Nom, The Farmer’s Dog vs Ollie, or The Farmer’s Dog vs Spot and Tango. If you want to see some general price ranges, check out our guide to The Farmer’s Dog prices.

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