Daniel Caughill

Daniel is a professional journalist, marketer, and one of the co-founders of The Dog Tale. His work has been featured on Readers Digest, The Strategist, Realtor.com, Chron.com, SFGate, Frontline Education, Yahoo! Finance, NASDAQ, MassMutual, and LendingTree. But his favorite articles live right here on The Dog Tale and help you live a healthy, happy life with your pup.

Hobbes laying next to his Nom Nom Dog Food

Nom Nom Dog Food Review

Nom Nom dog food or cat food is an excellent way to introduce real, human-grade ingredients into your pet’s diet. It’s sustainable, customizable, and super convenient. Pricing is based on pet size, so smaller pets will get the best deal.

A bowl containing Nom Nom Now dog food vs Spot and Tango dog food

Spot and Tango vs Nom Nom Now: Which Dog Food Service Is Better?

Both Nom Nom and Spot and Tango do a good job delivering high-quality, fresh dog food to your door, but there are a few differences. Spot and Tango offers UnKibble, a fresh dry food alternative unlike most kibbles on the market. But Nom Nom’s fresh food is a little bit cheaper, and it also offers other products like cat food and probiotic supplements. Keep reading for discount information.

A sick Golden Retriever because of a dog food recall

Open Farm Dog Food Recall

Open Farm produces a wide variety of dog and cat foods and adheres to strict sourcing standards, which are regularly audited by the FDA and the USDA. But all this good stuff is for naught if the food is contaminated with bacteria, salmonella, or contains foreign bodies. So, let’s take a look at the recall history of Open Farm dog and cat food.