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How Much Does We Feed Raw Cost?

We Feed Raw prices start at around $2.25 per day—or close to $70 per month. But your costs will vary based on your dog's size and the recipes you choose. See a complete price breakdown and get a discount in the table below.

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We Feed Raw takes all of the mess and hassle out of feeding your dog a highly nutritious, minimally processed raw food diet. This diet uses whole meats that are packed with protein, so your dog can live their healthiest life without any extra work from you. But this premium-quality food comes at a cost. See the prices below, and learn more about the food in our full We Feed Raw dog food review.

We Feed Raw

We Feed Raw

  • Human-grade ingredients, raw the way nature intended
  • 90% muscle & organ meat; 10% ground bone
  • AAFCO approved for all life stages
  • Get 20%+ off your first purchase

In this guide:

How much does We Feed Raw cost?

We Feed Raw prices start at approximately $2.25 per day for the smallest dogs eating exclusively We Feed Raw dog food. Large dogs will cost much more to feed because We Feed Raw’s pricing is based on how much food your dog needs and larger dogs need more food.

WeFeedRaw pricePer mealPer dayPer weekPer month
6 lb. Yorkshire Terrier$1.13$2.25$15.73$69.66
30 lb. English Cocker Spaniel $3.70$7.40$51.82$229.49
65 lb. Boxer$6.03$12.05$84.37$373.64
170 lb. English Mastiff$12.97$25.95$181.62$804.32
*Cost for a 3-year-old male dog eating chicken and beef recipes. Your price may vary based on the factors below.

The prices above are based on the number of ounces of food each dog needs per day. During the brief onboarding survey, you’ll answer a few questions to help We Feed Raw calculate your dog’s specific calorie requirements. This info includes their weight, activity level, neuter status, breed, and age. We Feed Raw’s algorithm, which was designed with veterinary nutritionists, also figures in specific breed conditions and past diet history to determine the optimal number of calories for your dog.

The exact price will also fluctuate based on the recipes you choose. Chicken and turkey are currently the cheapest protein options, while beef, duck, lamb, and venison will all cost a bit more. You can mix recipes in each shipment to get an average price.

The best way to determine your exact price is to fill out the questionnaire for your dog. It only takes about 60 seconds and you can see your final price and make adjustments without making any commitments or submitting any payment information.

To compare We Feed Raw to another option, which may cost slightly less, check out our Maeve raw dog food review.

Bulk boxes

We Feed Raw offers bulk boxes at a discount for those who have plenty of freezer space, are feeding multiple dogs, or are feeding a large breed. These bulk orders can be purchased as needed or delivered on a regular subscription for a one-time discount of 20%.

WeFeedRaw bulk pricesPrice (includes intro discount)Recipes included
Small box
24 x 6 oz. packages
$132 $99
($0.92 $0.69 / oz.)
Turkey, Beef & Lamb
Classic box
18 x 16 oz. packages
$199 $149
($0.69 $0.52 / oz.)
Turkey, Beef & Lamb
Big box
27 x 16 oz. packages
$264 $199
($0.61 $0.46 / oz.)
Turkey, Beef & Lamb
Bulk boxes
30 x 16 oz. packages
$189.95 to $249.95
($0.48–$0.63 / oz.)
Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Duck, Lamb, Venison
(Any recipe available in 5-lb. increments)

Can I mix We Feed Raw with kibble to save money?

Yes. Although exclusively feeding your dog We Feed Raw may be healthier, you can use it as a topper on kibble to help improve their appetite and nutrition without spending quite as much. This may be necessary for owners of large breeds because, as you can see in the table above, prices are quite high for large dogs.

To do so, fill out the meal plan questionnaire as you normally would. On the checkout page, there will be a section where you can select a 50%, 75%, or 100% portion amount. Your new price will immediately be generated. If you want to save even more, you could also order a 100% portion and then manually pause your next shipment until you need it. You can also edit your shipping frequency to receive orders less often. 

Note that partial orders may not be available for the smallest breeds. In this case, just order a full amount and pause your next shipment until you need it. Subscriptions can be paused and reactivated at any time.

We Feed Raw

We Feed Raw

  • Human-grade ingredients, raw the way nature intended
  • 90% muscle & organ meat; 10% ground bone
  • AAFCO approved for all life stages
  • Get 20%+ off your first purchase

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free anywhere in the contiguous United States.

When will I be billed?

We Feed Raw will bill you according to your chosen shipping frequency. They will notify you via email three days before processing your next order to give you time to make changes.

Are there other We Feed Raw discounts?

Yes. We Feed Raw offers 20% off your first order if you opt into Autoship rather than making a one-off purchase. This offers both savings and the convenience of never having to worry about shopping for pet food again.

Finally, We Feed Raw offers discounted pricing for bulk orders of single recipes. This is ideal for owners of large breeds who are happy feeding their dogs one recipe.

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