How Much Does Pet Plate Cost?

How Much Does Pet Plate Cost?

Pet Plate costs between $3.14–$10+ a day. However, your price will depend on your dog’s breed, size, weight and activity level. Keep reading for a more in-depth look into how much Pet Plate costs.

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Pet Plate delivers fresh dog food right to your door on a regular schedule. Not only will your pet get high-quality, human-grade dog food, but you’ll also have one less thing to pick up at the supermarket or pet store. It’s perfect for busy pet parents who want to give their dogs a more nutritious diet than traditional dog food affords.

However, quality and convenience come at a cost. In this guide, we’ll break down how much Pet Plate costs for different dog sizes, as well as the price of the various meal options.

Want to learn more about the service or see our unboxing video? Check out our full Pet Plate review.

Pet Plate Dog Food

Pet Plate Dog Food

  • Human-grade meats & vegetables
  • Regular & therapeutic meals available
  • Get free shipping when you subscribe

In this guide:

How much does Pet Plate cost?

Pet Plate’s full meal subscriptions start at around $3.14 per day or $95 per month for the smallest dogs. The company’s prices are based on the quantity of food you receive, and because bigger dogs require more food, you can expect to pay more for a larger dog.

To get a basic idea of how much PetPlate’s food costs, we calculated the price for four different breeds. Your exact costs may vary based on factors such as what recipes you choose, your dog’s current body type (over/underweight), and your dog’s activity level.

How much does Pet Plate cost?Per DayPer weekPer month
5-lb. Chihuahua$3.14$21.98$87.92
15-lb. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$4.76$33.32$133.28
33-lb. Blue Heeler$7.00$49.00$196.00
80-lb. German Shepherd$12.12$81.97$327.88
These figures are based on full portions for a 3-year-old male that is healthy, takes daily walks, and is neutered. Your price may vary depending on your dog’s sex, breed, age, activity level, or whether it is over or underweight.

Price of therapeutic foods

Fortunately, the price for therapeutic meals is not much more than the other meals. For a 6 lb. Yorkie, the price jumped from $3.14 per day for the Turkey meal to $3.33 for the Venison meal. Considering that Just Food for Dogs’ Venison meal is roughly $4.32 a day for the same size dog, Pet Plate’s price appears to be a bargain.

How are Pet Plate’s prices determined?

Pet Plate’s prices are based on the number of calories necessary for your dog. This number is determined by a veterinary nutritionist, who factors in a dog’s breed, age, weight, level of activity, whether or not it is spayed or neutered, and more.

The most accurate way to determine your cost is to create a profile for your dog. It’s free and there are no commitments. You’ll just enter some basic info about your dog and Pet Plate will calculate your price before you enter any payment information. The whole process takes about two minutes. 

Note that the links above and below entitle you to $100 off your first four boxes ($25 off per box), plus 50% off treats. You’ll see both your full price and your discounted price after creating your profile.

When you are completing the profile, you will have the option to choose among four regular recipes and two therapeutic recipes. With the exception of the ground lamb recipe, which costs a few cents more per day, each regular meal option costs about the same.

How much does Pet Plate’s Topper Plan cost?

Pet Plate offers a Topper Plan for those who just want to supplement their dog’s regular diet, either to improve their nutrition, placate picky eaters, or to save money. The Topper Plan consists of 25% of the amount of food as the full plan. For example, if your dog requires 640 daily calories, the Topper Plan will give them 160 daily calories.

Topper vs Full Plan costFull Plan per dayTopper Plan per dayTopper Plan per weekTopper Plan per month
5-lb. Chihuahua$3.14
(160 cal.)
(40 cal.)
15-lb. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$4.76
(320 cal.)
(80 cal.)
33-lb. Blue Heeler$7.00
(640 cal.)
(160 cal.)
80-lb. German Shepherd$11.71
(1,280 cal.)
(320 cal.)
These figures are based on a 4-year-old healthy male that takes daily walks and is neutered. Your price may vary depending on the specific characteristics and needs of your dog.

You can see that the Topper Plan prices are substantially lower. However, dogs on this plan will still reap many benefits of having fresh food—especially when paired with high-quality kibble, such as Chippin Dog Food or Sundays Food For Dogs. These dry foods are also made with fresh, human-grade ingredients, but they’re gently dried to make them cheaper and more convenient to serve. While we don’t think they’re quite as good as fresh food, they’re certainly better than most major dog food brands on the market.

It’s also worth noting that Pet Plate offers this Topper Plan to all dogs, even the smallest breeds. Some other food subscription services do not offer partial plans to small dogs.

Does Pet Plate offer any discounts?

There are often Pet Plate coupons and deals, and The Dog Tale can sometimes get exclusive discounts. You’ll have to visit their website below to see if a deal is currently being offered.

Pet Plate also offers a referral program for current customers. You’ll get a $60 credit for each friend you sign up, and they’ll score 60% off their first purchase. 

Finally, if you’re ordering food for more than one dog, you can get a multiple-dog discount by contacting Pet Plate. Just click “Help” while filling out your first dog’s profile to get in touch with Customer Service.

Is PetPlate pricing competitive?

Yes, Pet Plate’s prices are competitive with similar fresh food companies. Others may cost a little more, offer more perks for a similar price (Ollie), or cost less (The Farmer’s Dog) than Pet Plate prices.

If cost is important to you, you need to do your research. Based on our own tests, these fresh food brands vary in which one is the cheapest; one brand may be cheaper for a small dog, but more expensive for a medium dog. To make price comparison easier, you can check out a few of our comparison guides: Pet Plate vs The Farmer’s Dog or The Farmer’s Dog vs Ollie.

Does Pet Plate offer free shipping?

Shipping is free within the continental U.S. You also have the option to pause, reschedule, or cancel your shipments without charge. You can also change your address if necessary, but all of these adjustments must be done before the cut-off date, which is about five days before your next order is delivered.

Are there any other Pet Plate costs?

There are no sign-up fees or contracts, so you can cancel at any time without being charged. 

Aside from their six fresh dog food recipes, Pet Plate also offers organic Chicken Apple Sausage Bites as an optional add-on. With your first order, you can add a bag of treats for 50% off, then pay $8.95 for subsequent orders. These can be added or removed from your subscription as often as you like.

When will I be billed?

The order deadline is Thursdays at 11 pm EST. You will be billed the next day, Friday. Your order ships on Mondays and is usually delivered to your door Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on your zip code.

Pet Plate Dog Food

Pet Plate Dog Food

  • Human-grade meats & vegetables
  • Regular & therapeutic meals available
  • Get free shipping when you subscribe
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