Dog Food

A picture of a Smalls dog

Smalls Dog Food

Smalls does not make dog food, but we’ve found and tested a few alternatives that do. Check out our recommendations and get exclusive discounts below.

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Max reviewing his Farmer's Dog food

The Farmer’s Dog Coupon Code

We’ve personally tested The Farmer’s Dog with our pup Max, and he loved it so much, we’ve secured an exclusive 60% off promo for our readers. Just click the link below to save.

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A Pup Above dog food next to The Farmer's Dog food

A Pup Above vs Farmer’s Dog

Both A Pup Above and The Farmer’s Dog deliver high-quality fresh dog food that would be a huge upgrade to the kibble most dogs eat. But each has its differences. The Farmer’s Dog is generally less expensive and offers a DIY nutrient blend. A Pup Above may offer better recipes for dogs with digestive issues, certain allergies, or skin disorders. It also offers a premium dry food you can mix with their fresh food to help keep costs down.

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A picture of a black pug dog dreaming about eating a jalapeno pepper.

Can Dogs Eat Jalapeños?

Jalapeños are not toxic to dogs, but they contain a chemical compound that can be bad for your dog’s digestive system. Keep reading to learn what to do if your dog ate a jalapeño.

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A picture of a black dog on a green boat at risk of eating fish bones

Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones?

Dogs should never eat fish bones. Although fish is a safe and healthy meat for dogs, the bones can cause intestinal damage or blockage. Keep reading to learn what to do when your dog eats fish bones and when to visit a veterinarian.

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A sick Golden Retriever because of a dog food recall

Open Farm Dog Food Recall

Has Open Farm ever been recalled? We’ll break down the recall history as well as Open Farm’s ethical sourcing practices in this guide.

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A sick dog because of a Purina dog food recall

Purina Recall History: Dog & Cat Food Recalls

Purina is a large-scale producer of an array of pet food lines for dogs, cats, and other animals. But such a large manufacturing process is prone to contamination. Continue reading to learn about which Purina pet food lines have been recently recalled.

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A picture of a man feeding his dog a pastry spread with Nutella

Can Dogs Eat Nutella?

Did your dog eat a jar of Nutella? Nutella contains ingredients that are harmful and toxic to dogs. These ingredients could lead to a number of disastrous problems or even death. Keep reading to learn about what to do if your dog eats Nutella.

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Feeding our dog Raised Right Dog Food's pork recipe

Raised Right Dog Food Review

Raised Right makes human-grade dog food with fewer carbs and roughly double the amount of protein as most other fresh pet food brands. However, it comes at a cost. Keep reading to learn more.

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Spot and Tango vs The Farmer's Dog Food Comparison

Spot and Tango vs Farmer’s Dog: Which Food Is Better?

When comparing Spot and Tango vs Farmers Dog, each brand stands out in different areas. The Farmer’s Dog may be cheaper, offers more meal choices, flexible shipping, and rush orders. Spot and Tango offers a higher protein content in most recipes, treats, and a dry kibble alternative. Keep reading for discount links and more details.

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How Much Is Ollie Dog Food?

Ollie’s prices start at around $2 per day. However, your costs will vary based on the size of your dog and the meal plan you choose, so owners of big dogs should expect to pay more. Keep reading to learn more.

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Spot and Tango's fresh ingredients on a cutting board

How Much Does Spot and Tango Cost?

Spot and Tango’s Fresh dog food costs as little as $2/day, and UnKibble plans start at just $1/day. However, virtually all dog owners will pay much more. Keep reading for a full price breakdown.

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Photo of a dog in a kitchen with A Pup Above dog food

A Pup Above Dog Food Review (Formerly Grocery Pup)

A Pup Above delivers human-grade fresh dog food, so your pup can eat as good as you do without any extra hassle. We test the service to see how good it really is in this A Pup Above review. Get$50 off your first subscription order with code TRYNOW.

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Hobbes laying next to his Nom Nom Dog Food

NomNomNow Reviews

Nom Nom dog food or cat food is an excellent way to introduce real, human-grade ingredients into your pet’s diet. It’s sustainable, customizable, and super convenient. Pricing is based on pet size, so smaller pets will get the best deal.

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