How much does Just Food For Dogs cost

Just Food For Dogs Prices

Just Food For Dogs prices start at less than $2 a day for small breeds. Prices vary upon the recipes you choose and the quantity of food your dog needs. Prices also vary between FreshFrozen and PantryFresh meals. Keep reading for more cost information.

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Just Food For Dogs creates premium dog food made from fresh, human-grade ingredients. Fresh dog food provides a nutritionally dense diet that can have significant health benefits for your pet, such as recovering from disease and mitigating future illnesses. This can also help reduce costly vet bills. 

However, premium ingredients come at a cost. We’ll break down the Just Food For Dogs price for various dog breeds to give you an idea of how much you’ll pay for this top-notch food.

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Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs

  • Only whole, human-grade ingredients
  • Get 40% off your first order + 5% recurring orders when you subscribe
  • Free shipping for subscribers

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How much does Just Food For Dogs cost?

Just Food For Dogs costs less than $2 a day for small dog breeds under 20 lbs., according to their website. At this low price, fresh food becomes a strong option for health-conscious dog owners of small breeds.

However, the average cost for most people will be higher. Prices range between $4.50 and $6 per day for a 40-lb. dog. For a 60-lb. dog, the price starts at $6+ a day for the cheapest recipe and increases for other recipes. Owners of very large dog breeds will pay the most, but they can take advantage of the Large Breed Support meal and bulk ordering large boxes, which lowers the price per pound.

These prices are approximations. The best way to obtain an accurate Just Food for Dogs price for your dog is to use their Feeding Calculator. This calculator uses your dog’s information, such as their breed, weight, wellness goals, level of activity, and more, to determine an appropriate number of calories per day and recipe recommendations. 

The calculator provides you with an introductory discount price and your recurring price based on the calorie count and recipes you choose. Note that you can use the calculator without committing to making a purchase.

Cost difference among recipes

In addition to the size of your dog, the recipe you choose also affects the cost. As you’ll see in the price table below, the Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni recipe offers the best value. In fact, this recipe is the best priced fresh dog food we have come across, making it a great option for cost-conscious pet owners who still want healthy dog food.

Much of the cost difference between recipes can be attributed to the fact that the meals vary in caloric density. For example, a dog requiring 141 daily calories should eat 3 oz. of the Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni recipe, yet 6 oz. of the Fish & Sweet Potato meal to obtain the same number of calories. Keep this in mind if you’re on a budget.

Other recipes, such as Venison & Squash, are significantly more expensive due to the caloric density or the increased cost of ingredients. But it is a great option for dogs who need a novel protein due to allergies or dog IBD.

Owners of large dogs may find the Large Breed Support meal a welcomed new addition to the Just Food For Dogs menu. Aside from creating this meal to support the health issues large dogs commonly face, the recipe is calorically dense to keep it priced more affordably. Owners of large breeds could pay much more with other brands. You’ll see the difference in the price table below.

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What is the Just Food For Dogs monthly cost?

The price of Just Food For Dogs’ Fresh Frozen food begins at around $48 per month for the smallest dogs, but most dog owners will pay more. To give you an estimate of your monthly cost, we’ve run some numbers for various dog sizes and recipes.

Remember you can save an additional 35% when you subscribe instead of placing a one-off order. Subscriptions can be modified at any time.

How much does Just Food For Dogs cost?

6-lb. Yorkshire Terrier
(141 calories)
30-lb. Corgi
(471 calories)
50-lb. Labradoodle
(691 calories)
Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni
(best value)
$1.61 / day
$48.16 / mo.
$4.81 / day
$144.30 / mo.
$8.98 / day
$269.32 / mo.
Chicken & White Rice, Beef & Russet Potato, and more
$1.99 – 2.13 / day
$63.77 / mo.
$5.37 – 7.09 / day
$161.10 – 212.70 / mo.
$8.50 – 9.45 / day
$255.07 – 283.57 / mo.
Venison & Squash
$4.32 / day
$129.50 / mo.
$12.64 / day
$379.20 / mo.
$15.65 / day
$469.50 / mo.
Large Breed Support (50 lbs.+ dogs)N/AN/A$6.06 / day
$181.77 / mo.
($10.49 / day for a 100-lb. dog)
Compare to The Farmer’s Dog
(monthly cost)
*The figures above are representative of Fresh Frozen prices based on a healthy, moderately active, 3-year-old male dog. Prices vary depending on your dog’s age, breed, activity level, recipes, and more. 

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Just Food For Dogs PantryFresh cost

Just Food For Dogs also offers a human-grade shelf-stable food called PantryFresh. The food comes in 12.5-oz. boxes and is available for single or bulk (12 units) purchase.

You can see the prices in the table below, but you’ll need to do your own calculations to determine how much food to order and your daily cost. The Feeding Calculator recommended one bulk box (12 units) of food for our large dogs every two weeks, but we needed to order at least two bulk boxes to provide enough food. This made our cost greater than initially thought.

In some cases PantryFresh can cost more than the Fresh Frozen meals. They still have their place, however, as they are ideal for traveling, boarding or if you’re short on freezer space. They’re also cheaper than some other boxed human-grade dog foods, such as The Honest Kitchen.

The Autoship subscription plan is available for PantryFresh, so you’ll save 35% on your first order and 5% on all future orders

Here are our estimates on the PantryFresh prices:

12.5oz box
Turkey & Whole Wheat MacaroniChicken & White RiceBeef & Russet PotatoLamb & Brown Rice
Individual box$6.45$6.45$6.95$7.45
Bulk: 12 units
(Individual unit price)
6-lb. Yorkie
(141 calories)
$2.17 / day
$64.95 / mo.
$2.17 / day
$64.95 / mo.
$1.86 / day
$55.96 / mo.
$1.99 / day
$59.96 / mo.
30-lb. Corgi
(471 calories)
$5.90 / day
$177.14 / mo.
$6.50 / day
$194.85 / mo.
$6.35 / day
$190.77 / mo.
$6.82 / day
$204.41 / mo.
50-lb. Labradoodle
(691 calories)
$8.66 / day
$259.80 / mo.
$8.66 / day
$259.80 / mo.
$9.33 / day
$279.80 / mo.
$9.50 / day
$284.98 / mo.
*The figures above are estimates. Your price may be different.

Are there any discounts?

The Just Food For Dogs price can be reduced by signing up for the Autoship program. It will eliminate all shipping fees and save you 35% on your first order, as well as an additional 5% on all subsequent orders. And the best part—your freezer or pantry will always be stocked with food!

If the price with discounts is still out of your budget, we recommend trying a 50-50 mix of Just Food For Dogs and a premium dry kibble, such as Sundays Dog Food or Spot & Tango UnKibble. This will reduce your monthly cost while still providing your pet with incredible nutrition.

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How much do other products cost?

Vet Support Diets

Just Food For Dogs offers a Vet Support Prescription line of food for dogs with health needs. Many of these products are offered in both Fresh Frozen and PantryFresh meals. 

The Vet Support meals vary in cost but are predominately more expensive than the regular recipes. However, when the Just Food For Dogs price is compared to the price of other vet support diets, it is often less expensive. For example, according to Just Food For Dogs’ website, Hill’s® Prescription Diet Liver Care costs approximately $6.42 per day for a 40-lb. dog, while the Just Food For Dogs Hepatic Support Low Fat diet costs $5.50 per day.

  • PantryFresh Vet Support: $8.45 – $8.95 per box
  • Fresh Frozen Vet Support: See Feeding Calculator for an estimate

Other Just Food For Dogs products

Just Food For Dogs offers a variety of other products, including treats, supplements, and cat food.

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How much is shipping?

Shipping is free if you join the Autoship subscription program, in addition to the subscription discount. Otherwise, there is a shipping fee of $10 for each non-subscription order, no matter what size of box is shipped. You also have the option to order online and pick up the food at a participating store, if there is one in your area.

Just Food For Dogs

Just Food For Dogs

  • Only whole, human-grade ingredients
  • Get 40% off your first order + 5% recurring orders when you subscribe
  • Free shipping for subscribers

How do Just Food For Dogs prices compare to other dog foods?

Just Food For Dogs states they have a mission to keep prices low so as many dogs as possible can benefit from nutritious food. They state that they are as much as 30% cheaper than competitors, such as The Farmer’s Dog

We found that Just Food For Dogs can be cheaper than other fresh food brands, particularly if you order their Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni recipe or their Large Breed Support recipe. But other recipes can be priced higher than the competition, especially for larger dogs. More information is available in our comparison review of Just Food For Dogs vs Farmers Dog.

If you want to compare these brands against another fresh option, check out our Nom Nom Dog Food review or our comparison of Nom Nom vs Just Food For Dogs.

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Are there any other Just Food For Dogs costs?

Sign-up to the Autoship program is free, as is canceling your subscription. And, if you aren’t happy with the product, you can request a full refund.

Just Food For Dogs only ships full boxes of one recipe. So, if you want a variety of meals to mix up flavors for your pooch, you will need to purchase multiple boxes. This may not be an additional cost, per se, but it is something to consider if you desire multiple recipe options. 

For dogs with advanced dietary needs, Just Food For Dogs can work with your vet to create a custom-formulated recipe for a one-time fee of $250. After the formulation is complete, you can purchase the diet in one of two ways: prepared or DIY. 

If you choose to have Just Food For Dogs prepare the custom-created food in their own kitchens, the typical price ranges from $280 to $700 per month, depending on the size of your dog and the ingredients you choose.

If you choose the DIY plan, you will make the diet at home and pay a recurring $110 monthly fee for your pet’s custom nutrient blend. This nutrient blend specifically complements the given recipe to ensure your dog’s meal has all the necessary vitamins and minerals to make it complete and balanced.

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When will I be billed?

After the initial payment, subscription orders are billed when the orders are shipped. If you choose to pick up for your order at a local store, your online method payment is charged at pickup.

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