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How Much Does Spot and Tango Cost?

Spot and Tango's Fresh dog food costs as little as $2/day, and UnKibble plans start at just $1/day. However, virtually all dog owners will pay much more. Keep reading for a full price breakdown.

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Officially, Spot and Tango plans start at as little as $1/day for UnKibble and $2/day for fresh food. However, these prices reflect Topper plans for the smallest dogs, and most dog owners will pay considerably more.

We ran some tests to see how much Spot and Tango really costs. See the tables below for better price examples.

In this guide:

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How much is Spot and Tango?

We ran price quotes for four different dogs eating a variety of recipes to give you an idea of what you might pay. You may get slightly higher or lower prices based on your dog and which recipes you choose. You can also tweak the exact size of your Topper portion after ordering to reduce your price.

How much is Spot and Tango’s fresh food?

Full portionTopper portion
6-lb. Yorkie male$20.74 / week ($2.96 / day)$12.83 / week ($1.83/day)
26-lb. Goldendoodle male$46.14 / week ($6.59 / day)$24.98 / week ($3.57 / day)
50-lb. Labrador Retriever male$97.44 / week
$38.39 / week ($5.48 / day)
170-lb. English Mastiff male$150.38 / week ($21.48 / day)$59.24 / week)($8.46 / day)

How much does UnKibble cost?

UnKibble is considerably cheaper than Fresh, although it isn’t as good nutritionally. However, it’s still a step up from store-bought kibbles. We used the same three dogs to show you how much you could pay. Note that topper plans aren’t available for UnKibble, although you can decrease the portion sizes (and your price) after your first order.

How much does UnKibble cost?

Full portion
6-lb. Yorkie male$12.18 / week ($1.74 / day)
26-lb. Goldendoodle male$33.09 / week ($4.73 / day)
50-lb. Labrador Retriever male$49.90 / week
($7.12 / day) 
170-lb. English Mastiff male$95.81 / week
($13.69 / day)

What affects my pricing?

Your price will vary based on your dog’s size and caloric needs, as well as which recipes you choose.

A variety of factors determine how many calories your dog needs, including age, weight, activity level, body type, breed, and more. To see exactly how much you’d pay, fill out Spot & Tango’s short questionnaire.

How much are snacks?

Yam Yums cost $12 per bag and Chicken Munchies cost $14 per bag. Both options are healthy, single-ingredient treats and are priced similarly to other high-quality dog treats on the market.

How much is shipping?

All meal plans include free shipping, which occurs on a regular bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on the type of food you choose. You can delay your next shipment, if needed, as long as you submit the change in advance of your next billing date.

Is Spot and Tango worth the money?

Fresh dog food subscriptions are a premium service, and you’ll pay more for them than you would for store-bought kibble. However, the holistic impact a fresh diet makes on your dog’s health could save you in veterinary bills later on, so you’ll have to decide what’s best for your dog and your financial situation.

However, depending on the size of your dog, and the recipes you choose, you may find a slightly cheaper plan with another fresh dog food brand.

Three other brands we have personally tested and approved are Nom Nom, Pet Plate, and Ollie. If you visit our Nom Nom Dog Food review, you can get an exclusive 60% discount. Ollie offers 50% off your first order, and Pet Plate offers $100 off your first four boxes ($25 per box). You can learn more in our Spot and Tango vs Nom Nom Now, Spot and Tango vs Farmers Dog, and Spot and Tango vs Ollie comparison guides.

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