Ollie dog food recalls

Ollie Dog Food Recalls

Ollie dog food delivers fresh, human-grade ingredients to your door every other week. Food is pre-cooked and frozen to ensure freshness, but it is more perishable than traditional processed kibble. Learn about the history of Ollie dog food recalls below.

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There are very few downsides to feeding your pup a diet of fresh, minimally processed ingredients. One risk, however, is the fact that food that hasn’t had all of the nutrition processed out of it does come with a shorter shelf life and a higher risk of contamination.

Is there any record of Ollie dog food recalls?

As of the time of writing, Ollie dog food has never been recalled by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, or by Ollie itself.

However, as a distributor of fresh food, and minimally processed ingredients, Ollie is at a higher risk of food contamination and recall compared to shelf-stable, processed dog food manufacturers. This is no reason not to feed your dog Ollie’s pet food, though. 

Doing so would be comparable to only eating fast food instead of fresh produce because processed foods have a longer shelf life. If you’re not satisfied with a diet strictly composed of McDonald’s and Taco Bell, you shouldn’t be satisfied with feeding your pup an exclusive diet of kibble and the occasional treat.

Of course, you’re still doing the right thing by checking to see if there have been any Ollie recalls in the past, and we will update this page if anything changes.

Is Ollie dog food raw?

No. Ollie cooks its ingredients at a low heat to preserve nutrients, then freezes each meal and ships them over dry ice. All you need to do is move each meal from the freezer to the refrigerator a day before feeding it to your pup.

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If you’d like to monitor ongoing dog food recalls, bookmark these pages:

  • View the FDA’s list of recent animal and veterinary recalls here.
  • View the AMVA’s list of recent recalls and safety alerts here.

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