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How Much Does Maev Dog Food Cost?

Maev dog food prices depend on how many bags you order at once, the recipes you choose, and whether you purchase one of their special bundles that target specific health goals. We'll break down the prices we received in this guide.

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Maev makes it easy to feed your dog a raw diet by delivering premade, raw, human-grade dog food. You can put your dog’s food on a regular subscription, and the price you pay will depend on what recipes you choose and how much you buy at once. I’m currently feeding my Yorkie, Max, Maev’s food. He’s loving it, and I have the peace of mind that I’m feeding my pet a high-quality diet.

Maev uses premium meat and produce, and these diced ingredients are served whole rather than being processed into kibble. This means Maev costs more than freeze-dried raw kibble alternatives, such as Stella & Chewy.

Below you’ll find detailed pricing for Maev raw dog food, their bundles, and supplements. For a more comprehensive understanding of their service, including an unboxing video, check out our Maev Dog Food Review.

Maev Dog Food

Maev Dog Food

  • Human-grade, raw ingredients without all of the fillers and preservatives
  • Frozen, bite-sized pieces are easy to serve without the mess of raw food
  • Get 15% off your first order. Cancel any time.

In this guide:

Based on the prices we were offered, Maev can cost as little as $2.25 a day for a small dog. But for an average size dog of 30 lbs., you’ll pay around $5 per day. Maev can cost more than $18 per day for very large breeds. You can enter your dog’s age and weight on Maev’s website, and they’ll calculate how much you’ll need to order, your shipping frequency, and how much it will cost.

How much is Maev dog food per week?

  • $7+ per week for a 6 lb. dog
  • $35+ per week for a 30 lb. dog
  • $54+ per week for a 55 lb. dog
  • $127+ per week for a 100 lb. dog

These prices are a good estimate of your costs, but they can vary based on your dog’s size, age, and activity level. The recipes vary slightly in price and, of course, your cost will increase if you add any supplements to your subscription. 

The most accurate and easiest way to get your true cost is to answer a few questions under the “Customize Profile” button on Maev’s website. This information provides Maev with specifics about your dog’s age, weight, and activity level, so you can get an accurate estimate on how much food to order.

How much does Maev cost per day and per month?

For the smallest dogs, Maev costs about $2.25 per day and around $67 per month. Prices rise for bigger dogs, and the cost depends on your dog’s unique requirements and the recipes you choose.

How much does Maev cost?Cost per day (2 meals)Cost per month Compare to The Farmer’s Dog
6-lb. Yorkshire Terrier$2.25$67.50$2.80/day
30-lb. Mini Labradoodle$5.11$153.30$6.02/day
55-lb. Basset Hound$8.46$254$7.66/day
100-lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback$18.14$544.20$13.56/day

*Above prices are estimates and based on a somewhat active 5-year-old male dog in good health. Your price may differ and is based on your dog’s age, activity level, recipes, etc.

There’s no hiding it: Maev is expensive. The typical American home spends roughly $63 a month on lower-quality kibble, but pet owners committed to a raw diet pay more, and they put in a lot more work. When you consider this, changing to Maev’s premade raw food may not be as much of a leap as expected, especially if you are feeding a small dog. 

And if you remember that a whole-food diet could reduce or eliminate costly vet bills in the future, it may just start to make sense.

Yes! Maev offers a 4% discount when you purchase 5 bags in one order. The discount rate gradually increases up to 9% for 10 bags or more. This discount can help reduce the cost of feeding large dogs or for any dog owner with lots of freezer space!

Maev also offers bundles that combine their food and supplements for people with specific health goals for their pets. The bundles are not a flat rate. The cost depends on the amount of food purchased along with the supplements, so we included the weight of the dog to give a better estimate of the pricing structure.

Bundle prices
Prices are before discounts and may be reduced with bulk ordering.

Bundle typeBundle CostCost of food alone
Itchy Dog Bundle
Includes 6 bone broth jars
30 lb dog = $5.51/day
or $193 every 5 weeks
Small Dog Bundle
Includes vitamin bars 
6 lb dog = $3.45/day
or $121 every 5 weeks
Gassy Dog Bundle
Includes 3 bone broth jars
30 lb dog = $6.08/day
or  $213 every 5 weeks
Achy dog Bundle
Includes vitamin bars and 3 bone broth jars
30 lb dog = $7.42/day
or $260 every 5 weeks
The Senior Dog Bundle
Includes vitamin bars and 3 bone broth jars
30 lb dog = $7.42/day
or $260 every 5 weeks
The Puppy Bundle
Includes vitamin bars and 3 bone broth jars
40 lb puppy = $8.66/day
or $260 every 4 weeks
The Big Dog Bundle
Includes vitamin bars and 3 bone broth jars
60 lb dog = $11/day
or $335 every 4 weeks
The Reactive Dog Bundle
Includes vitamin bars 
30 lb dog = 6.31/day
or $221 every 5 weeks

*The figures above are estimates and before any discounts are applied. Your price may be different.

If you want food plus supplements, it will be cheaper for you to purchase a bundle rather than buying each separately. Using a 60-lb. dog as an example, it costs $332 for a 4-week supply of food, a pack of vitamin bars, and 3 jars of bone broth when purchasing them separately. But, the Big Dog Bundle costs $260 for the same items. However, we noticed that for a mid-sized dog, the bundle was almost the same price as purchasing the products separately. 

Maev offers 2 supplements: vitamin bars and bone broth.

Purchased separately, the vitamin bars are priced at $39 a box, which is a 30-day supply when serving 1 bar per day. At 65 calories per bar, small dogs could spread one bar across multiple days.

The bone broth jars are priced at 3 jars (a 30-day supply) for $39 and 6 jars for $69 when you purchase them without a bundle.

Maev offers free shipping for purchases of at least $250, but I had to pay $9.98 for shipping when I was only purchasing 4 bags for my dog. Other brands, such as The Farmer’s Dog, offer free shipping on all orders. Learn more about Maev vs Farmer’s Dog.

I haven’t come across any hidden or gimmicky fees. There are no signup fees or cancellation fees should you change your mind. And Maev doesn’t charge an extra fee to have mix recipes in one shipment, like Nom Nom Dog Food does.

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Once you set up a subscription, your card will be billed based on the schedule you chose during checkout. You can modify, postpone, or cancel your subscription at any time through the Maev Customer Portal or by using the links in the notification emails for upcoming orders.

A notification will be sent to you three days before each billing. Typically, if you make a change request at least three days before your next scheduled shipment, Maev can accommodate adjustments to the order.

Maev Dog Food

Maev Dog Food

  • Human-grade, raw ingredients without all of the fillers and preservatives
  • Frozen, bite-sized pieces are easy to serve without the mess of raw food
  • Get 15% off your first order. Cancel any time.

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