Image of a baby and a dog. Is it safe to use baby wipes on dogs?

Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs?

Using baby wipes on dogs may be convenient, but they are not the best solution for quickly cleaning your dog. Learn why baby wipes can be harmful, plus better alternatives to use in the guide below.

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Best Dog Eye Wipes

The Best Dog Eye Wipes for Safe Eye Cleaning

Dog eye wipes are a convenient way to clean the gunk from around your dog’s eyes. Some wipes are specifically formulated to remove or lighten tear stains as well. Keep reading to learn which features to look for in a safe dog eye wipe.

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How to Bathe a Yorkie

How to Bathe a Yorkie (And How Often)

Properly bathing a Yorkie puppy requires a safe water temperature, high-quality shampoo, and a jump-proof space. Protecting your Yorkie’s ears and keeping a regular schedule are also important. Keep reading to learn how to bathe a Yorkie.

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