Kerri Caughill, pet nutrition researcher

Kerri Caughill

Kerri is a pet writer who reviews healthy, natural dog products. When she’s not inside with Max testing dog food or new pet gear, she’s outside enjoying the Florida sunshine.

A Yorkie eating its own poop

Yorkies Eating Poop: Causes & Solutions

Yorkies may eat feces for a variety of reasons, including a poor diet, health or behavioral issues, or simply animal instinct. Keep reading for more information on the causes and solutions for Yorkies eating poop.

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A picture of a small brown dog who ate a cotton ball

My Dog Ate a Cotton Ball! What Do I Do?

Dogs are curious creatures—sometimes to a fault. Occasionally they eat inedible objects, like cotton balls. Keep reading to learn what to do if your dog ate a cotton ball, especially one with nail polish remover or alcohol.

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A small black dog gets a haircut with a set of cordless dog clippers

Best Cordless Dog Clippers

The best cordless clippers will have the right features to meet your needs. As you read through the various types of cordless clippers consider what the most important features are to you.

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Max the Yorkie testing the best dog clippers

Best Dog Clippers for Yorkies

Grooming a Yorkie at home can be challenging, but arming yourself with a quiet, powerful pair of clippers can make the process more enjoyable for you and your dog. Learn more about the best clippers for Yorkies and key clipper features in this guide.

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